Workplace Conflict Resolution Tip of the Month

When your employees are injured on the job, give them an instruction sheet in addition to the claim form. You may have published instructions in your employee handbook or communicated them at other times, but employees often lose their handbooks or forget to refer to them. An instruction sheet will give them timely reminders about things that may matter to them for the first time in their careers with you. In the sheet, remind them about issues such as:

*      Where to send medical bills for payment

*      Who to contact for treatment authorizations

*      Whether light duty work is available

*      Failure to report to work upon medical release could result in termination from employment

*      Management or human resources can assist with issues such as unpaid awards

It’s also a very good practice for the injured employee’s immediate supervisor to call him or her weekly during periods of disability. This will ensure the employee that he or she is valued and will likely result in a quicker return to work.

Nance L. Schick, Esq. is a mediator, and conflict resolution coach based in New York City, where she works with creative professionals, entrepreneurs, human resources professionals, labor managers, risk managers, and executives to generate results beyond the boundaries of their imaginations. She is committed to creating a unified human race by empowering people to have lives they forgot were possible.