The Secret of Ho’oponopono: Ancient Hawaiian Method

Below are excerpts from the Article by Joe Vitale that originally started the flurry of interest in Ho’oponopono. It was recently passed on to me by the lovely and wonderful Brooke Emery. It couldn’t have come at a better time, considering my big trip to see my sister in Maui this year and some of the past struggles I am currently working to overcome.

The World’s Most Unusual Therapist
Two years ago I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who healed people but never saw them.

He worked in a mental hospital for criminals. Patients there were sedated and often even shackled. Staff called in sick a lot because they hated their job, the patients, and the environment.

But this therapist turned all that around. He did it solely by working on himself, doing an updated ancient Hawaiian healing method called.

It took me two years to accept this story. I was fascinated but thought it was an urban myth. After all, how could a therapist cure anyone by working on himself and not even seeing the actual patients? It didn’t make any sense…

He told me that he worked at that mental hospital for two years. He said it’s true that he never saw a client. What he would do was look at the patient’s file and then look within himself, trying to clear what was in him that created the patient and his condition…

…everything in your life is created from within you. When you change you, the outer world changes.

in a few months of doing his inner work at that hospital, patients began to improve. Many that needed sedated no longer needed sedated. Many that were in chains could be freed. And many that had been in the mental hospital for seven years, were actually being released. 

Even the staff started to get better, beginning to love their job and joyfully showing up to work every day. In fact, so many patients got better, that the hospital closed…

Well, I’m leaving today to go see this therapist. I’m catching a plane to LA in just a few hours. I’m attending his seminar. I’ll do my best to report what happens at his workshop when I get back next week. 

For now, check out this unusual therapist, named Ihaleakala Hew Len, and the updated ho’oponopono process at http://www.hooponopono.org

If nothing else, be sure to read the mind-expanding article at http://www.hooponopono.org/Articles/self_i-dentity.html

Towards the Light, 

Joe Vitale

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