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FAQ: What Do You Do?

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At The Law Studio, we help people recover lost time–at least figuratively. No, we don’t have a time machine, and we can’t actually restore to your life the time you wasted worrying about a conflict. We can’t send you back in time to change your present circumstances, but we can work with you to: Forgive…

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FAQ: What is Your Area of Business Law Practice?

Our work at The Law Studio spans several areas of Business Law, from arbitrating investor and employment disputes for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA“) to coaching business partners to reach agreement regarding ownership and authority. Additionally, we mediate commercial and employment disputes, and we negotiate workers’ compensation (“WC”) penalties with New York State, when…

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FAQ: What is Your Primary Area of Practice?

The Law Studio spends a great deal of time on Law Practice Management, from bookkeeping and case management to employee development and marketing. (This probably reads familiar to other small businesses!) We also get to practice law, too, and when we do, we: Arbitrate investor and employment disputes for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA“)…


Three Considerations When Seeking a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

People often refer friends and relatives to me who are “looking for a workers’ compensation attorney”. Workers Compensation (“WC”) is one of those areas of law that few people get educated on during law school, so many lawyers will want to pass these matters on like the hot potato from that schoolyard game. To help…

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I Am Not the Label You Give Me

I am complex and multifaceted. I have many titles and wear many hats. That’s okay. I give others permission to be diverse, too. We all are more than our job titles, more than our family roles, more than our locations, political parties, temporary interests, hobbies, vacations, hairstyles, clothing, or furnishings. We are all of the…


Which of the Seven Choices Aren’t You Making?

In Chapter Two of my book, DIY Conflict Resolution: Seven Choices and Five Actions of a Master, I discuss the transtheoretical model (“TTM”) of behavioral modification. Before I started researching the science behind the effectiveness of mediation and my Third Ear Conflict Resolution process, I simply understood that I was choosing many of the experiences…


FAQ: How Do You Choose Your Blog (Blawg) Content?

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I choose what I think will empower you, often because it inspires and empowers me or someone I am coaching. It’s a bit strange, isn’t it, to see poetry and coaching tools on a lawyer’s website. It’s probably not what you are expecting. Yet it is our expectations that often get us into trouble. Expectations…