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What Three Things Are Willing to Acknowledge Yourself For?

You know it does not empower you to feel judged or underappreciated. Perhaps you’ve even learned to speak up, defend yourself, or ask for what you need from some people in your life. Yet you probably still judge yourself harshly, don’t you? You don’t look the way you should. You don’t make enough money. You…

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Forgive Yourself for Seeming Selfish

This month, we’ve been focusing on Choice #1: Forgive Yourself for Having Conflicts, which is one of the Seven Choices from my book, DIY Conflict Resolution: Seven Choices and Five Actions of a Master. It’s almost comical (although sometimes very painful) how God, the universe, or life will bring us opportunities to practice what we…


Forgive Yourself for Your Thoughts

When I teach my continuing education course, “Setting Clear Goals and Performance Expectations for Your Employees”, we typically discuss hot topics such as sexual harassment, gender harassment, diversity, inclusion, and implicit bias. Common questions include: · What do we do about our gendered bathrooms? · Where will the protected classes end? · Can we still…


What Are Three Things You Are Willing to Forgive Yourself For?

I am committed to leaving you more empowered than when we met, so on this blog, I post information on topics, such as working with an attorney or distinguishing between arbitration and mediation, as well as tip sheets, conflict resolution exercises, and even an occasional poem. You will find that many of my non-legal (but…


FAQ: What Do You Do?

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At The Law Studio, we help people recover lost time–at least figuratively. No, we don’t have a time machine, and we can’t actually restore to your life the time you wasted worrying about a conflict. We can’t send you back in time to change your present circumstances, but we can work with you to: Forgive…


FAQ: What is Your Area of Business Law Practice?

Our work at The Law Studio spans several areas of Business Law, from arbitrating investor and employment disputes for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA“) to coaching business partners to reach agreement regarding ownership and authority. Additionally, we mediate commercial and employment disputes, and we negotiate workers’ compensation (“WC”) penalties with New York State, when…