FAQ: Will The Law Studio of Nance L. Schick attend the Hearings on our cases and manage the litigation from start to finish?

A:  Absolutely!  Unless I am instructed otherwise, I will assume your assignment of a case is assignment of the full litigation. I will review the case regularly for indemnity, subrogation and resolution opportunities. I will manage each case individually. As necessary, I will conduct investigations, schedule independent medical examinations, file requisite forms, prepare witnesses, file fraud complaints, request medical records, take depositions, review court files in the related third-party actions, and negotiate settlements. More importantly, I will keep you informed of all developments.

NOTE: This post is a general overview of how we manage litigation. It is attorney advertising and does not make me your attorney. If you require information or advice applied to your unique situation, please make an appointment to discuss it with us.

Nance L. Schick, Esq. is a mediator, and conflict resolution coach based in New York City, where she works with creative professionals, entrepreneurs, human resources professionals, labor managers, risk managers, and executives to generate results beyond the boundaries of their imaginations. She is committed to creating a unified human race by empowering people to have lives they forgot were possible.