• B.S., University of Louisville (Education: Sport Administration)
  • J.D., SUNY University at Buffalo (Certificates in Government Law: Education, Tax)
  • New York State law license, 2002
  • Civil trial experience, 2002 to date
  • Workers’ Compensation litigation experience, 2002 to date
  • EEOC mediation training, 2005
  • FINRA arbitration training and panel appointment, 2016
  • ICERM mediation training, 2017
  • SDNY admission, 2017
  • Super Lawyers, 2018 (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

I have been in solo law practice since 2003. This has allowed me to offer a broader range of conflict resolution services than I had been able to provide in prior firms. I custom-tailor solutions to client needs, much as you might expect from a mediator who is also a former human resources supervisor and litigant. I know first-hand and from a variety of perspectives why court should be your last resort.

My clients include:

  • Continuing education providers in the legal and funeral professions
  • Individuals in the arts, entertainment, and sports
  • Large multi-national corporations in building trades and funeral services
  • Professionals in the dental, funeral services, legal, medical, mental health, and wellness fields
  • Sole proprietors and closely-held businesses in the creative professions and publishing
  • Domestic employers who have full-time elderly companions, home health aides, housekeepers, and nannies

I am currently serving in a consultative status as ICERM’s Main Representative at the UN, and I occasionally volunteer to represent pro se plaintiffs in employment discrimination cases. I have coached new mediators for VLA and NYU‘s Mediation Apprenticeship Program, and I will continue to advocate for: “More mediation; Less litigation.”

My goal is to leave you more empowered than I found you. E-mail or call me to see how I can do that.