FAQ: What is That Symbol on Your Business Card and Letterhead?

Third Ear Mark on Red Disc

Our original Third Ear Conflict Resolution logo might look a little too much like the om symbol.

2017 Third Ear Mark

Our updated logo emphasizes that your third ear is in your heart. You will be okay if you use it.

Our original logo was inspired by the “om” symbol. Om has different meanings to different people throughout the world, but there seems to be some agreement that it symbolizes the co-existence, if not oneness, of the individual and the universe. As a holistic, integrative law firm, we loved that the Third Ear Conflict Resolution mark reflected a powerful symbol aligned with our personal beliefs that sometimes the solutions to our legal issues lie in something deeper than the law, the parties, the facts, or the circumstances. We also loved that it sent the people around us a message of peace, because that is what we really want to deliver, but after five years of people confusing the 3 and the d as the actual om symbol, we thought it was time for something new.