Licensed professions typically require completion of continuing education credits for renewal, and Cultivation is one of our Core Values. So, we often jump at the chance to share our knowledge and to learn from the questions attendees ask. Below are some of the courses we can adapt for your funeral services, human resources, or legal professionals.

Continuing Education Courses

  • Your Funeral Director’s License: How to Keep It in Good StandingAmerican Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service (“AAMI”), April 2018
  • Cybersecurity: Is There Any Such Thing?, Continuing Vision, January 2018
  • The Benefits of Effective Documentation, Continuing Vision, January 2018
  • Exempt v. Non-Exempt Employees: Understanding FLSA Classifications, Continuing Vision, April 2017
  • Setting Clear Goals and Performance Expectations for Your Employees, Continuing Vision and Nassau-Suffolk Funeral Directors Association (“NSFDA”), April 2017, and AAMI, April 2018
  • Employee v. Independent Contractor, Continuing Vision, May 2016
  • Social Media at Work, Continuing Vision, May 2016
  • Common Missteps Made by Funeral Homes and Small Businesses, AAMI, April 2016, and Continuing Vision, September 2016
  • The Intersection of Law and Ethics, AAMI, April 2016
  • Who Plans the Funeral (and Pays)? – Estate Succession Considerations for Funeral Directors, AAMI, April 2015, EsquireCLE, May 2015, New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association (“NJSFDA”), September 2015, and Continuing Vision, November and December 2015 and September 2016
  • Intellectual Property Considerations for Small Businesses, AAMI, April 2015
  • Basic Technology Law Considerations for Small Businesses, AAMI, April 2013 & 2014, Service Corporation International (“SCI”), May 2016
  • The Cost of Worker Misclassification, AAMI, April 2013 & 2014, Continuing Vision, May 2016
  • Litigation Survival Skills: A Client Perspective,, November 2011
  • Funeral House, Home or Corp: What’s the Difference? – A Legal Perspective, AAMI, April 2011 & 2012, Continuing Vision, May 2016
  • Workers Compensation Basics, AAMI, April 2011 & 2012, SCI, May 2016
  • New York Workers’ Compensation in Plain English, Council for Education in Management, March 2011
  • [New York Workers’ Compensation] Claims Management: Best Practices to Control Costs, Council for Education in Management, March 2011
  • The Actor as a Sole Proprietor; You’re a Business. Act Like One,, July 2010


  • Emerging Careers in Conflict Resolution: Reaching New Markets with Skills You Already Have, Southern California Mediation Association (“SCMA”), Pepperdine University, November 2014
  • Third Ear Conflict Resolution: Using Mediation Techniques to Resolve Any Conflict, SCMA, Pepperdine University, November 2006