Consultation is a meeting with a professional to seek advice. We can do this in person, by telephone, or by videoconference. Our goal is to leave you more empowered than we found you. Thus, our consultations are typically pre-litigation counsel to help you see other actions you can take to resolve your conflict. Court can often be your last resort. Let’s first see what we can do to transform your relationship from one crumbling under the weight of a dispute to one that opens new opportunities for those involved. This will typically cost far less in terms of money, time, and energy.

At The Law Studio, pre-litigation counsel often involves conflicts over:

  • Business ownership
  • Domestic workers
  • Employment discrimination
  • Ethno-religious biases
  • Personal injury
  • Undocumented workers
  • Work distribution or performance

Our holistic, integrative approach incorporates our own small business experience, as well as that of our clients. We also integrate Nance’s law degree and her experience as a Human Resources supervisor, sports agent, ice arena manager, and more to customize solutions that meet your immediate needs, while also aligning with your values.

You might find the below blog posts help you identify and frame the issues you want to discuss:

NOTE: This page and website contain attorney advertising and a general overview of the types of legal issues we consult on. It is not legal advice. If you require information or advice applied to your unique situation, please make an appointment to discuss it with an attorney experienced with the subject matter. Don’t rely solely on what you read on the Internet. Ever.