Consider Whether a Lawsuit Will Really Get You Anything

Awhile ago, I was involved in a minor taxi accident. I was a passenger who failed to wear her seat belt and was thrust into the back of the front seat when the driver stepped hard on his brake. Among other things, my right knee hit the screw in the plexiglass covering of the city map and it immediately began to swell. Admittedly, it hurt and the driver saw the expression of pain on my face. I am sure he was worried that I might file a complaint against him or even sue him. I can understand why.

When I told the story to people I spoke to later in the day, many asked if I got the taxi driver’s name and license number. I somewhat jokingly asked “Why? So I could thank him for avoiding the impact?” I joked because I didn’t want to upset anyone with my refusal to play the popular game of “Sue Someone Whenever You Have a Chance.” But I actually meant what I implied.

I am thankful for the taxi driver’s quick response and ability to keep us from being in an impact accident. The scenario also gave me another example of the topic I wanted to write on in this month’s newsletter—resolving the conflicts between yourself and the life you want. Hopefully, you will see what I am seeing: we often put the obstacles in our own paths. I was the one who failed to wear her seatbelt. I failed to take care of myself and risked the injury I got. There was no one else to blame, and I am lucky I only needed a small reminder.

In the future, I will take better care of myself. I hope you will, too.

Have a safe and happy day!

Nance 🙂

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