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FAQ: What is Your Area of Business Law Practice?

Our work at The Law Studio spans several areas of Business Law, from arbitrating investor and employment disputes for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA“) to coaching business partners to reach agreement regarding ownership and authority. Additionally, we mediate commercial and employment disputes, and we negotiate workers’ compensation (“WC”) penalties with New York State, when…

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FAQ: What is Your Primary Area of Practice?

The Law Studio spends a great deal of time on Law Practice Management, from bookkeeping and case management to employee development and marketing. (This probably reads familiar to other small businesses!) We also get to practice law, too, and when we do, we: Arbitrate investor and employment disputes for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA“)…


Three Considerations When Seeking a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

People often refer friends and relatives to me who are “looking for a workers’ compensation attorney”. Workers Compensation (“WC”) is one of those areas of law that few people get educated on during law school, so many lawyers will want to pass these matters on like the hot potato from that schoolyard game. To help…


FAQ: How Do I Know If a Case is Right for Mediation?

First, consider the parties. Is there more than one? How are they getting along? Are they generally reasonable, yet stuck on one or more issue? What result are they seeking, win-lose or resolution and closure? Mediation is often used in situations where: The parties to the conflict or dispute are having difficulty expressing their wants…


FAQ: What Goals Can Be Achieved Through Mediation?

There are a number of goals that can be achieved through mediation. Yet some of the most common ones that parties have when they seek mediation to resolve their disputes are: Facilitated discussion that leads to more complete understanding of the true issues Avoidance of stalemates or other losses of working relationships Avoidance of litigation and…