"If you don't live out your purpose, who will?" - Nance L. Schick

You're a highly credentialed, educated, experienced, or talented professional. You have the respect of your colleagues and clients or customers. Maybe you've written a few articles, spoken at a few conferences or won some awards. Yet your business and your career seem to have plateaued.

Or maybe you're a creative professional who seems to always attract the "drama queens" and prima donnas on your projects, which only makes the drama queen in you come out at home. You're not being great with your loved ones, and you know it. Or you're not taking care of yourself, and this is going to catch up to you in big, nasty ways if you don't do something new. But who has the time? If you had more time, you promise you could do better. We know that story, and you do, too. You've been telling it to yourself for years.

It's time for a new story. In Nance's first book, DIY Conflict Resolution, you'll read stories of how she and her clients resolved conflicts with themselves and others. From body conflicts to marital discord and crime, she shows you how to keep going and keep creating the life you want--from the circumstances you have, not the ones you wish you had. Exploring the less obvious causes of conflicts, she coaches readers to create action plans that reflect their unique beliefs, interests and values. Her process is based on proven mediation techniques and illuminates the power of compassionate "third ear" listening. As she says, "When the third eye is blind, it hinders wisdom. When the third ear is deaf, it hinders connection and resolution."

In this book, you will be coached to:

  • Build skill in creating solutions from a broad range of options
  • Reconnect with your original and unmet expectations
  • Free yourself from anger, disappointment and distraction when it appears
  • Discover how to listen for the real obstacles to agreement
  • Become the Chief Resolution Officer in your life

Are you ready to start this journey?

DIY Conflict Resolution Cover (compressed)