Arbitration is a private conflict resolution process in which the parties ask a neutral third-party to decide how to settle the dispute. It is often selected at the time parties enter a relationship. For example, your employment contract or services agreement with a vendor might include an arbitration clause. Additionally, when you sign agreements allowing brokers or financial advisors to invest money for you (such as in your retirement account), your contract probably contained a provision directing disputes to FINRA for arbitration. That’s one of the ways we get arbitration referrals, but we also accept them privately, including as part of a mediation-arbitration hybrid process. As long as you’re not bound by the law or a contract that requires you to use a different process, we can usually work together to resolve your dispute.

Some cases that are not usually appropriate for arbitration include:

  • Criminal matters
  • Class action cases
  • Workers compensation claims (unless there is a union contract directing it)

We currently only arbitrate through FINRA. If your dispute resolves an investment or your employment in the financial services industry, you can file your claim online. If you’re in New York City, you can call the Northeast Region Arbitration office at 212.858.4200.

NOTE: This page contains attorney advertising and a general overview of arbitration. It is not legal advice. If you require information or advice applied to your unique situation, please make an appointment to discuss it with an attorney experienced with the subject matter. Don’t rely solely on what you read on the Internet. Ever.