Virtual Assistant (Part-Time)

Tyler proved himself to be a valuable member of The Law Studio production team while working through his former employer, Zirtual. He finally got some of those long-promised meetings on Nance’s calendar, and he started working with her on process improvements to increase her efficiency and lower clients’ costs. Then, he opened his email on 08/10/15 and learned that Zirtual had suspended operations. He was out of a job, and Nance was without her treasured assistant–until she put social media to work. Before 3 PM, they had reconnected and created their own contingency plan.

We are thrilled that Tyler is a bigger part of our team, and we will be putting him to good use. You know how we look like we’re on social media all of the time? Tyler helps with that. Are you getting better service and noticing that Nance is calmer? Tyler helps with that, too. Is there something you need us to improve? Tyler coordinates feedback and new projects. Plus, he’s a very pleasant, effective person to deal with, and he will only get better during his return to school for business and process improvement.

Tyler recently moved with his adorable spouse and “family zoo” to the soul of the American Southwest from the weirdest city in North Carolina.