Chief Information Officer (Part-Time)

Peter began teaching himself how to code on his family's Apple II computer at age 9. His curiosity about Nance's WordPress website landed him this job at The Law Studio. He installed the beautiful theme that makes this site easier to read and navigate, and he troubleshoots many of our software issues. He is a team player who will also pitch in with administrative duties, such as drafting subpoenas, scheduling depositions or updating our contact list. He even created a few macros for us before we moved to Microsoft Office 365, which doesn't have the same features.

We appreciate the work Peter does for The Law Studio, and we love the music he literally brings to our lives. A composer of funny, upbeat songs, he provides us comic relief when our work gets stressful. He is also known to bring his guitar to work or occasionally belt out a beautiful aria in German or Italian.

Peter lives in the 7th Coolest Neighborhood in the world and has a girlfriend who is almost as cool.

Peter with Guitar