By the time you’ve spoken to me, we will probably already know a few things about each other. You will have been in contact with Tyler, and you might have completed a Mediation Interest or other Intake Form. You will have gotten some information about my work from someone who referred you, and Internet search, or both, and I might have done the same. We will both have questions. To help us narrow them and make our time together most effective, I created these resources:

Regardless of how we proceed, my goal is to leave you more empowered than I found you. If we will not make the best team to achieve your desired outcome, I will help you determine the next actions to build that team.

Having been a litigant, entrepreneur, human resources supervisor, and minor league hockey agent, I have built a practice that focuses on the people in the process. To further that mission, I obtained the below credentials and experience:

  • J.D., SUNY University at Buffalo, 2001
  • New York State law license, 2002
  • Civil trial experience, 2002 to date
  • Workers' Compensation litigation experience, 2002 to date
  • EEOC mediation training, 2005
  • FINRA arbitration training and panel appointment, 2016
  • ICERM mediation training, 2017
  • SDNY admission, 2017

I am currently serving in a consultative status as ICERM's Main Representative at the UN, as well as the Social Media Coordinator for WIDR. I have coached new mediators for VLA and NYU's Mediation Apprenticeship Program, and I recently volunteered to represent a pro se plaintiff in a employment discrimination case. In law school, my partner and I placed second in the regional Mediation Advocacy completion and went on to represent UB at the ABA's state-level competition.

In short, I am committed to empowering people like you to resolve conflicts privately and without court intervention wherever possible--regardless of your geographic location or ability to pay. I published a book, DIY Conflict Resolution: Seven Choices and Five Actions of a Master to reach do-it-yourselfers and underserved communities, and I will continue to stand for equal rights and access to sustainable peace. Our work together won't always be easy, but it will be worthwhile.

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