How do I know if my conflict is right for mediation?

There isn’t a quick answer to this question that satisfies us, so we answered it in a blog post.

Should I appeal the Workers’ Compensation Penalty issued against my business?

Probably. The goals of the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board’s Compliance Unit are to ensure : a) injured workers are properly compensated for the lost earnings and medical expenses caused by their work-related injuries and b) employers are in compliance with WCL Section 50, which mandates WC coverage. The Board knows that “honest mistakes” are made in lapses in coverage or the classification of workers. Call us at 212.804.7042 to see if you have grounds to appeal.

How can I dissolve my business amicably?

Just as there are collaborative matrimonial or conscious uncoupling processes to dissolve marriages, the Third Ear Conflict Resolution process can help you identify what is most important to each of the owners in closing, selling, or transforming your business. For more information, read this blog post and watch this video.

Do I need a lawyer?

The classic lawyer answer seems appropriate here: “It depends.” If you are relying on non-lawyers and the Internet to guide you through the legal process, I recommend that you consult an attorney or one of the many legal clinics at local bar associations and law schools. For more guidance on this decision, see the below blog posts:

Do you charge for a consultation?

Yes. Any time we are discussing the specific facts and circumstances of your conflict in an effort to guide you to resolution, there is a charge.

Can you cover a case on a per diem basis?

Yes. FOR ATTORNEYS ONLY, we will often appear for arbitrations, arguments, compliance conferences, depositions, hearings, and mediations. Please call us at 212.804.7042 for a conflicts and subject matter review.

Do you represent individuals?

Yes. After a conflicts check, we may represent injured workers in their workers’ compensation cases.

Do you represent small businesses?

Yes. We might represent a small business in a one-time penalty negotiation, on a monthly basis, or on a project basis, such as to negotiate terms of an agreement, prepare for an audit, or write a Values-Based Employee Handbook. We’re a small business, too, and we know you need customized services that keep your operating capital as accessible as possible, not tied up in a huge law firm retainer. So, we will work with you to develop the best payment option for both of us.

Have you worked with large corporations?

Yes. We have worked or continue to work with international and multi-national corporations in the building trades, funeral industry, and transportation, most of which have bargaining unit, or union, employees.

Have you worked with insurance companies?

Yes. Our clients tend to be high-risk employers with high-deductible insurance policies that make the effectively self-insured, but we have also worked directly with automobile, homeowners’, renters’, and workers’ compensation insurance carriers.

Are you licensed to practice law outside of New York?

No. We presently have one attorney licensed to practice only in New York State. However, we have a wide network and might be able to help you find an attorney in your jurisdiction.

Which court or agency locations do you cover?

We cover workers’ compensation cases throughout New York State, especially now that there are Virtual Hearings available in some locations. We also provide per diem services to attorneys in the five boroughs of New York City and conduct many alternative dispute resolution processes by telephone or videoconference.