We are a largely virtual legal workshop, where you can partner with us to resolve your instant legal disputes–and more. We arbitrate investment and employment disputes for FINRA, provide pre-litigation consultations in business and employment matters, mediate workplaces disputes, and negotiate penalty reductions when small businesses unintentionally misclassify workers. Occasionally, we also have to litigate in forums, such as the Workers’ Compensation Board, where there is no mediation option.

When you work with us, you get nearly 15 years of experience in civil litigation, small business, and workers compensation. We also have more than 20 years of management, contract negotiation, and human resources experience. Plus, our founder is creator of the Third Ear Conflict Resolution Program (TM). So, you’ll often see mediation techniques at work, helping you resolve conflicts in other areas of your life. Our goal is to leave you more empowered than we found you.

Our clients include:

  • Continuing education providers in the legal and funeral professions
  • The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA“)
  • Individuals in the arts, entertainment, and sports
  • Large multi-national corporations in building trades and funeral services
  • Professionals in the dental, funeral services, legal, medical, mental health, and wellness fields
  • Sole proprietors and closely-held businesses in the creative professions and publishing
  • Domestic employers who have full-time elderly companions, home health aides, housekeepers, and nannies

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