We all experience conflict.

You fear you’ve made a huge mistake. You started a business with a friend. It was nearly an instant success. But now you fight over everything from money and work distribution to which coffee blend you’ll have in the office. You hope there’s an easy way to resolve your differences. You’d like to keep the business going in some form, but you don’t really know your rights or obligations. You didn’t keep up the paperwork after the initial corporate filings. Did you form a corporation or a limited liability company (“LLC”)? Does it matter?

Maybe you hired a friend to help you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You’ve been paying him in cash, as he requested. However, you read an article that makes you wonder if you are his employer and should be withholding taxes on his earnings. What will happen if he gets hurt or files for unemployment insurance benefits when this job is complete? Are these issues the same with your nanny or you parents’ home health aides?

Hopefully, no one has filed a claim against you and no state agency has served you with a penalty notice. But if they have, we can work with those, too. We’ve seen a lot of the things that were never supposed to happen show up in even the best businesses or in the lives of people we admire.

Conflict is a natural part of living, but that doesn’t mean you can’t resolve it skillfully or powerfully.

Regardless of whether the other party in your matter is willing to engage in Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), you can benefit from our proprietary Third Ear Conflict Resolution process. By clearly defining the conflict, identifying the underlying interests, playing with the possibilities for resolution, and creating the future with a specific, measurable action plan, you will experience your personal power under any circumstances. This will allow you to have more effective settlement discussions–in the instant dispute and beyond.

Clients who hire us for legal and conflict resolution counsel include:

  • Employers with unionized workforces (e.g., building trades, elevator installation and repair, entertainment, funeral services, manufacturing, sport, transportation)
  • Freelancers, independent contractors, and subcontractors
  • Individuals in the arts, entertainment, and sport
  • Self-employed professionals (e.g., lawyers, health coaches, mental health counselors, nutritionists, wellness practitioners)
  • Small business owners who work with freelancers, independent contractors, and subcontractors (e.g., art, film production, graphic design, publishing, website design)

We generally counsel them on:

  • Documenting business ownership and control
  • Ensuring appropriate workers’ compensation premiums are charged
  • Improving processes and reducing risks
  • Investigating, defending, and settling workers’ compensation claims
  • Leading their lives, from wherever they are in this moment
  • Properly classifying and insuring workers
  • Resolving workers’ compensation coverage and penalty issues

Nance has also contracted to provide her executive coaching services through The Leets Consortium (“TLC”) and is confident this strategic partnership will provide you the results you want. Like Nance and The Law Studio, TLC is focused on your results. We’ll use 360-degree assessments and detailed actions plans to guide you to goal attainment, and you’ll get the support you need when you are confronted by the (often self-imposed) obstacles that keep you from achieving your fullest potential. We are very excited about this alignment and encourage you to contact TLC for more information on Executive Coaching services.