Two of our core values at The Law Studio are partnership and mutuality. They provide the win-win opportunities that mediators love, and we are especially honored to have the below strategic partners. These high-quality professionals keep our business running smoothly and provide the support our clients need beyond the products and services we offer. In exchange for their support, we get to contribute to their success financially by hiring them and by referring them business. How great is that?

Accounting Services

Andy Presti, CPA, Presti & Nagele, LLP

Collaborative Matrimonial Services

Sanford Balick, Esq., Consensus Point Mediation, PLLC

Joy Rosenthal, Esq., Rosenthal Law & Mediation

Andrea Vacca, Esq., Andrea Vacca P.C.

Corporate Wellness Services

Tevis Trower, Balance Integration Corp. (See also Balance Doesn’t Go Far Enough; Seek Integration or Merger)

Jenna Hollenstein, Eat to Love Nutrition Services

Cybersecurity Consulting

Scott Aurnou, Esq., The Security Advocate and SOHO Solutions, Inc.

Employment Claims Defense

Christopher A. D’Angelo, Esq., Vandenberg & Feliu, LLP

Joseph Harris, Esq. or Evan White Esq., White Harris PLLC

Deborah Shapiro, Esq., Deborah A. Shapiro, PLLC

Employment Discrimination Claims

William Sipser, Esq., Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock & Sipser, LLP

General Liability Claims Defense

Michael O’Brien, Esq., O’Brien Law Firm PLLC

Bruce Young, Esq., Babchik and Young, LLP

Insurance Policies

Sean Murphy, Allstate Insurance Co.

Bruce Swicker, Frenkel & Co.

Intellectual Property Registration & Claims

Renee L. Duff, Esq., Renee L. Duff, P.C.

Amy B. Goldsmith, Esq., Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP (includes Patents)

Christopher Paradies, Esq., Paradies Law, P.A. (includes Patents)

Karin Segall, Esq., Leason Ellis, LLP

Legal Clinics & Referral Services

New York City Bar Association (“City Bar”) free counseling for low-income persons regarding Bankruptcy, Consumer Debt, Divorce, Employment, Family, Landlord/Tenant, and Small Business matters

City Bar Legal Hotline, 212.626.7383 (Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Friday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM)

City Bar Special Projects on Cancer Advocacy, Elder Law, Foreclosures, Homelessness, Immigration, LGBT Advocacy, Neighborhood Entrepreneurship, Refugee Assistance, and Veterans’ Assistance

New York County Lawyers Association (“NYCLA”) free counseling for low-income persons regarding Consumer Debt, Employment, Family, Landlord/Tenant, Post-Conviction Employment Licensing, Unemployment, and Tax matters

NYCLA Legal Referral Service (for those who don’t meet the low-income requirements)

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts free and low-cost legal services for artists and arts professionals

Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Vaughn Buffalo, Esq., Buffalo & Associates PLLC

Mortgage Refinancing

Mohammad Hussain, Everbank

Per Diem Court Appearance & Hearing Coverage

Ercument Bayrasli, Esq., Bayrasli Law Office, PLLC (Brooklyn)

Melanie Baumholtz, Esq. (White Plains)

Leonard B. Feld, Esq. (Long Island)

Howard Geasor, Esq. (Queens)

Daniel or Michael Wugman, Esq., Wugman & Wugman, P.C. (White Plains)

Real Property Legal Services

David A. Kamisky, Esq., David A. Kaminsky & Associates, P.C.

Scaling Small Businesses

Nina Kaufman, Esq., The Legal Edge LLC d/b/a Business Exponential

Social Security Disability Claims

Dennis Chase, Esq. or Joseph Sensale, Esq., The Chase Sensale Law Group, LLP

Leslie G. Tilles, Esq., The Klein Law Group

Tax Litigation

Allan Pearlman, Esq., Law Office of Allan R. Pearlman

Bill Funk, Esq., Law Office of William M. Funk

Workers Compensation Claims

Ercument Bayrasli, Esq., Bayrasli Law Office, PLLC (Brooklyn)

Dennis Chase, Esq. or Joseph Sensale, Esq., The Chase Sensale Law Group, LLP (Long Island & Queens)

Leslie G. Tilles, Esq., The Klein Law Group