Integrative Law Basics

The Law Studio of Nance L. Schick provides private conflict resolution services (mediation, arbitration, and coaching) to individuals and organizations not getting efficient or effective resolutions through the courts. Taking a holistic, integrative approach, we focus on resolution of the instant legal disputes, as well as the very personal issues surrounding them. This typically saves you time, money, relationships, energy, and opportunities. More importantly, by actively participating in the resolution process, you build confidence and skill that will last long after the dispute becomes a distant memory. You learn both how to avoid many conflicts and how to powerfully resolve the ones you can’t avoid.

What We Integrate

When you work with The Law Studio, you get more than 13 years of experience in civil litigation and small business. We also have more than 20 years of management, contract negotiation, and human resources experience. Plus, our founder is creator of the Third Ear Conflict Resolution Program (TM). So, you’ll often see mediation techniques at work, helping you resolve conflicts in other areas of your life.

Nance coaches and speaks in a variety of settings, which gives you organic opportunities to ask questions and learn about the legal process, business, or alternative dispute resolution. You’re also welcome to request a one-on-one meeting.

Who Makes Us Part of Their Team

Our clients include:

  • Continuing education providers in the legal and funeral professions
  • The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA“)
  • Individuals in the arts, entertainment, and sports
  • Large multi-national corporations in building trades and funeral services
  • Sole proprietors and closely-held businesses in the creative professions

Among other things, we have rebuilt or restored employment relationships, a music video collaboration, a couple of marriages, and several small businesses. Conflicts we often resolve relate to:

  • Business Ownership and Control
  • Goal-Setting and Achievement
  • Injury Recovery and Return to Work
  • Leadership–at all levels
  • Lifestyle Improvement
  • Process Improvement and Project Management
  • Training and Education
  • Work Distribution
  • Worker Misclassification
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage and Penalties
  • Workers’ Compensation Premiums
  • Workforce Diversity and Inclusion
  • Workplace Accommodations
  • Workplace Safety
How to Create Your Own Resolutions

You don’t have to hide your conflicts from us or resolve everything on your own. To schedule a call to discuss your needs and the world of possible resolutions, contact Tyler O’Keeffe. Great information to get us started is who you disagree with about what and your ideal resolution. For example, “My business partners and I disagree about the fair ownership distribution. If I could have this dispute resolve in any way possible, I would have 51% ownership and the final vote on issues pertaining to the finances or creative direction.” Or “My employer and I disagree about my work requirements or performance, due to an injury (or my religion, my gender preference, etc.). If I could have this conflict resolve in any way possible, I would be offered a different work schedule (or something else).” The goal is to get yourself and us clear on what is truly important to you.