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  • [The DIY Conflict Resolution] book addresses a variety of personal and business conflicts that happen. They are described in a way where you are reminded that you aren’t the only one with these issues. Lots of ideas are given for resolution and reading the book as a reference for future problem solving is a good reason to have it on hand.
    Judy (Maui, HI)


  • [In her DIY Conflict Resolution book], Nance Schick has done a masterful job at identifying the many conflicts that affect our lives … and to seeing the ways we are “conflicted” on a number of fronts. She also encourages us to challenge the assumption that tension and conflict always need to be the order of the day. The examples are clear and engaging (and sometimes, hitting a little too close to home), and the personal stories are compelling. The book contains practical, actionable tips to help us get out of...
    Nina Kaufman, Esq.

    Kaufman Law PLLC and The Legal Edge LLC

  • [Nance’s DIY Conflict Resolution] book is very useful in resolving conflicts in your life. It gives you a plan to follow that will work. The choices and actions prescribed in this book can work in resolving a multitude of conflicts and or problem[s].
    Jerry P. Orange

    Texas Yankee series

  • I got your book in today’s mail and am delighted to have it. Thanks so very much. Your book requires a second (or third or more) reading, it is positively chock full of information, of ideas and evaluations, and mostly, it invites the reader to go inside herself and have a look at what’s in there. We don’t do that often enough, if at all. That’s why this book is a difficult one to read and to go through the self-study parts. You’ve done a wonderful thing, by writing this...
    J. (Norfolk, VA)