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Writing on the Wall

Tune In to Gain New Understanding and Effectiveness

As humans, we don't think much about whether we're clear when we communicate, whether we're making an effort to understand or the impact of choosing to disconnect from a conversation. I recently visited … Read More...

Accept acknowledgment; honor your honorees

Below is the text of a press release that I have been reluctant to share. I have been afraid of "tooting my own horn" too much. I was a little embarrassed that my name gets lost in the list of awardees. I … Read More...


Q: What does the Third Ear Conflict Resolution program have to do with your law practice?

The Third Ear Conflict Resolution process flows through everything we do. We use it to resolve litigation as quickly and effectively as possible. We, of course, use it when mediating, and we have the program … Read More...


Q: Will you take my case pro bono?

No. In very rare cases, we will assist you at no charge if you can produce evidence that: 1) you have no access to funds to pay our very reasonable fees and 2) are unlikely to be able to produce income to … Read More...

Be Heart of Hearing

Let Your Christmas Observance Be a True Expression of YOUR Beliefs

Merry Christmas!? What is the "true meaning of Christmas" and according to whom? In a Louisville Catholic school during the 1970s, it was the celebration of Jesus' alleged birth in a Bethlehem stable to … Read More...

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