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  • I got your book in today’s mail and am delighted to have it. Thanks so very much. Your book requires a second (or third or more) reading, it is positively chock full of information, of ideas and evaluations, and mostly, it invites the reader to go inside herself and have a look at what’s in there. We don’t do that often enough, if at all. That’s why this book is a difficult one to read and to go through the self-study parts. You’ve done a wonderful thing, by writing this...
    J. (Norfolk, VA)


  • I never met anyone¬†[before Nance] who actually invests time in defending these [workers compensation] cases.
    B. (Investigator)


  • Nance is a dear friend, trusted colleague, and an amazing lawyer. She helped me with my case when others would have laughed. Her tenacity and support meant the world to me and has meant the world to me for 25 years. She is a driven and talented lawyer as well as a wonderful and caring person. I would highly recommend her anytime.
    Michael Patrick Owen

    (Current) Heyman Talent Northeast

  • Nance and I have been working together for [nearly 10 years], and I must say I couldn’t be happier with her perspective, intelligence, and ability to produce exactly what our business calls for. As a company that has no similar footprint, in screening attorneys for counsel we found many who wanted to lump us into categories that made sense to THEIR PRACTICE rather than really listening to who we are and what we do. Nance’s ability to set aside her assumptions and really get into the weeds of our services...
    Tevis Trower

    Balance Integration Corporation